Inevitably $4.00
by: Mary Agoncillo
Per Piece




Watercolour and Inks on paper Butterflies symbolize the ever-changing nature of the soul. This with the fluid spontaneity of watercolours and symmetrical lines symbolizes the transient ebb and flow of change central to life; it reminds us that inevitably, things will pass, be it joys or sorrow.

Placement Suggestions

Back of Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back, Upper Arm, Wrist, Ankle


watercolor watercolour butterfly colorful change inevitably


Resident ID: marangecillo

Name: Mary Agoncillo

Gender: Female

Age: 24



Mary Agoncillo is a watercolorist born in the Philippines and raised in Calgary, Canada. She is currently studying Visual Arts at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She seeks to explore art in an expressive, imaginative, dynamic and fantastical way. In her spare time, she is usually eating copious amounts of food, reading, gaming, sketching or figuring out the next weird experience to try out.

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