Boo $4.00
by: Amy Goh
Per Piece




This image, "Boo" (short for Buddha Belly) is one of two momento mori portrait taken from a compendium of cat drawings done from pictures of my friend's cats. Boo has, sadly, passed away, and I like to think that by making him into a removable tattoo, his memory will be perpetuated for eternity.

Placement Suggestions

Upper Back, Forearm, Shoulders, Wrist, Thigh, Ankle


cat blackandwhite cute ribbon winking


Resident ID: msinkblot

Name: Amy Goh

Gender: Female

Country: Singapore

Website: http://www.atlantisdreaming.or...


Amy Goh is a Montreal-based artist specializing in black and white illustrations in the surrealistic and sublime vein. Her work can be found over here:

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