Cracked $4.00
by: Andrea Orlic
Per Piece




Don't worry about your cracked skin, there is a whole new world inside you!

Placement Suggestions

Anywhere, Chest, Shoulders


cracked skin space broken


Resident ID: Artrocity

Name: Andrea Orlic

Country: Croatia

Age: 42




Deviant Art:


I'm a self-taught artist. I've been surrounded by art from an early age and I think creativity in general is a great life force. I love art in all of its forms and I draw my inspiration from everything, whether it's weird, witty or just plain wonderful. I don't like to limit myself when it comes to art so I'm open from abstract to more figurative style. I also don't like to limit myself when it comes to ways through which my art is shown, from shirts to pillows, from laptops to iphones, I think art shown on everyday products is a great way of having your art come to life. And adding a tattoo to that list would be really cool!;)

Artrocity has submitted 1 design with 2 being selected for print.

Artrocity has scored 4 designs, giving an average score of 85.0%.


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