Love Life Bar $4.00
by: Joe Moore
Per Piece




Feeling like you could use a minor health potion? Show your health with this stylin' collection of empty, half, and full 8 bit hearts. Mix and Make your own life bar to show if you are in need of a powerup, or fully replenished.

Placement Suggestions

Chest, Upper Back, Lower Back, Forearm, Inner Arm, Upper Arm, Shoulders, Thigh, Shin, Calf


8bit retro heart gaming geeky geek cyber red square life health


Resident ID: FreddieTheRobot

Name: Joe Moore

Gender: Male

Country: United States

Age: 26

Graphic Designer, tattoo lover.

FreddieTheRobot has submitted 5 designs with 2 being selected for print.

FreddieTheRobot has scored 156 designs, giving an average score of 54.5%.


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