Spot Designs

Spot designs to become a Spotter and get Dot$!

Surf the WWW like you always do...

But open your eyes wide for designs that will look awesome on our skin. Look out for designs that can ultimately be printed as a fashionable skin-accessory so imagine it on your skin first and give us only something that you will want yourself!

Do a little research on the spotted design...

Spotted a design? Now, go find out the following details about the spotted design:
  • Title of design as provided by the original designer
  • Name and/or alias of original designer
  • Email address of original designer
  • Original designer's blog or website
  • Image URL of the spotted design
  • URL of the webpage where the design was spotted

Complete & submit our Spotter Form

Complete and submit our Spotter Form on the next page. We will now make contact with the original designer to invite him/her to submit your spotted design to the Dottinghill community for scoring.

What you may get...

If the design you spotted gets printed, we'll give you Dot$50 for being so spot on! Sweet! And all you did was do what you always do anyway; checking out real cool designs!