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Magic's in the makeup by hazy

* The magic's in the makeup *

The Wind Rises by smallwindblow

the wind is rising...

we must try to live!

Trinity. by Eliza Lim Wan Chen

Dreamer. Fighter. Champion.

Now by Dawn

This too, shall pass

Tragic by seli

Don't be so tragic.

traveler by Dee


Not a loss by Lee Yi Zhen

"Not everyone you lose is a loss."

That's what we said by Niki Tan


Believe in the Impossible by Hollydog25

Believe in the impossible.

No Feeling is Final by Katrina Abad

No Feeling is Final

-Rainer Maria Rilk

Delusion by Recovia Jasmine

all that we see or seem is

but a dream within a dream

Love isn't blind by Joyce Naomi

Love isn't blind. It just forgives a lot.

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