Feathers 1
by: Ana Victoria Calderon




The "Feathers 1" collection is one of my most popular pieces. These illustrations were created in 2011, with acrylics, on paper. Inspired by my trip back to my birth place, Denver, Colorado.

Placement Suggestions

Back of Neck, Upper Back, Lower Tummy, Forearm, Inner Arm, Upper Arm, Ankle


feathers native


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Name: Ana Victoria Calderon

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Ana Victoria Calderon, born in Denver, Colorado, is a Mexican/American artist, focused on painting. Ana was raised in tropical Cancun, surrounded by vegetation and nature, which turned out to be a very big part of her inspiration! Her main subjects are florals, foliage, space, lettering, native american symbolism, and a few spiritual pieces here and there. The artist enjoys working with watercolor, ink and acrylics on paper.

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