Bookmarks: You can bookmark any design or skin-accessory under your residency to keep them in view. This is especially useful if you like a design that is currently scoring and wants to see if it gets printed as a skin-accessory in the future. See your bookmarks under "My Bookmarks" in your residency.

Booya: Large size skin-accessory. Sheet size of 8 X 5 inches.

Collection: A skin-accessory with at least 3 or more separate designs that follow a certain theme. The designs are fitted into an area of 8 X 5 inches.

Creative Resident or Creative in short: A resident who has submitted original designs to Dottinghill before. Be our Creative here now!

Dot$: Currency used on Dottinghill. Dot$ 1 = US$ 1. Earn Dot$ by submitting original designs or spotting designs.

Flaunter: Medium-sized skin-accessory. Sheet size of 4.5 X 3.5 inches.

Neighbor: A neighbor is another resident whom you want to remember. You may like this resident's designs or bookmarks and want to keep him/her in view.

Petite: Smallest size skin-accessory. Sheet size of 2.5 X 2.5 inches.

Residents: Members of the Dottinghill community who are awesome to the max.

Resident ID: Username which you will need to login to your account on Dottinghill

Skin-Accessories: Dottinghill term for temporary water-transfer body tattoos

Spotter: A resident who has spotted designs before. To be a spotter and potentially earn some Dot$, simply look out for great designs anywhere online that are suitable as skin-accessories and let us know. The Dottinghill team will contact the original designer and invite him/her to submit that spotted design to us for scoring. See here for more information.

Spotted Design: A design that was previously spotted by one of our spotters and submitted to Dottinghill by the original designer.