Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we thought you might ask and the intelligent-sounding answers we've come up with. If you have other questions or think that you can do a better job at giving intelligent-sounding answers, drop us an email at

Ordering and giving us your money

How do I pay for my purchases?
We use only PayPal 'cos everyone knows it is safe, universal, easy to use, reliable and they look set for world domination. So you can either pay with your credit card or PayPal balances on the PayPal website which you will be directed to at checkout.

If you have a Dot$ balance, feel free to use that to pay for the entire purchase or offset the total with whatever Dot$ amount you have.
Must I have a PayPal account to make purchases on Dottinghill?
Nope. If you do not have one and prefer not to sign up, just pay with your credit card on PayPal.
What is this Dot$ thing?
Dot$ is the currency we use in Dottinghill for store credits. Dot$1 is the same as $1 in cash so if you have some, start shopping! If you don't, you can try getting some by being a Spotter or Creative.
I've already made payment but I need to make changes or cancel my order. What should I do?
Not a problem! Email us at with your order number. As long as your skin-accessories haven't left our warehouse, we can cancel your order and give you a refund. If you need to make changes, we will also cancel your existing order so that you can place it again.

If your order has already been processed and sent out, then unfortunately we won't be able to cancel it. You can however consider keeping your skin-accessories (we would!) or return them to us for a refund. Check out our return policy here.
The skin-accessory I want is sold out! Should I throw a tantrum now?
Generally, we only print a limited quantity of each design so that our residents always get something new but if you start throwing a tantrum, we may just give in and reprint it so yeah, go ahead and try! Otherwise, you can also click on the 'Please Reprint' button on any sold out skin-accessory in the Museum.

Delivering your skin-accessories to you

Do you deliver the skin-accessories to my country?
Probably. We deliver to most places on Earth and we are currently exploring our options to send our skin-accessories to Mars as well. However, if you don't see your country on the checkout page or if you live in Mars, contact us at and we'll see what we can do.
What are my delivery options?
Our skin-accessories are mailed to you via USPS First-Class Mail. You will find the delivery costs to where you are at the top of our website the moment you enter Dottinghill. We also offer an optional Priority Mail service for an additional fee. If you need your skin-accessories in a hurry, contact us at for other express shipping options.
Do I really have to pay for delivery?
Nah, not really. Just spend $20 or more on Dottinghill and we'll take care of delivery charges for you, no matter where you are. If you want the Priority Mail service or other express shipping options, you will need to pay for those though.
How long will it take to get my order?
On average about one week depending on where you are. See our delivery page for more information.
How do I track an order?
Tracking is only available for orders within USA if you have opted for Priority Mail or other express shipping options. You can do so with the tracking number found in Your Dottinghill Order has Shipped email.

Submit your designs for superstardom

And just how exactly can I achieve superstardom?
Easy! By becoming a Creative and having your fantabulous design printed as a skin-accessory for sale globally! Creatives are residents in the Dottinghill community who submit their design ideas to us. Other residents can then score these designs and the most popular ones may get a chance to be printed. If your design is selected, not only will you receive cash and Dot$, you will also get bragging rights and eternal glory. So c'mon, check out our Creative submission page now!
I have the most insane design idea for a skin-accessory! How do I submit it to you?
Go to our Creative submission page here or click "Submit Designs" under "Pitch In" on our navigation bar. Go through the information carefully and download the submission kit. You will find everything you need to know in the kit. Once you have created your design, submit your artwork files to us through the submission page. Give us a couple of days and you should see your design up for scoring! And if you really do have the most insane design idea, you might just get printed! =)
What is the difference between the Standard and Collection submission categories?
Standard Category = At least 1 design fitted into one of the 3 sizes below:
  • Petite (2.5" x 2.5")
  • Flaunter (4.5" x 3.5")
  • Booya (8" x 5")
Collection Category = At least 3 designs with the same theme fitted into the Collection size (8" x 5").
So, what is in it for me if my design is selected?
Depending on the submission category, you will receive:
Standard Category = $100 cash + Dot$50 + Superstardom
Collection Category = $200 cash + Dot$50 + Superstardom

In addition, we would also reward you with another $100 cash if the skin-accessory you designed sells past 300 pieces on our online webstore within 60 days from the date it is launched for sale.
How and when do selected Creatives get their awards?
If your design is selected, we will pay you within 14 business days after we receive the high-resolution artwork file from you. The cash component will be paid via PayPal and the Dot$ will appear in your Dottinghill account.

For the additional $100 cash bonus, we will also pay you via PayPal within 14 business days from the day the sales threshold (300 pieces sold online within 60 days) is met.

Please note that the Creatives will be responsible for any transaction fees imposed by PayPal.
How will I know if the skin-accessory I designed has sold more than 300 pieces within 60 days?
In your residency, you will be able to track the real-time sales of the skin-accessory you designed until your design hit the sales threshold of 300 pieces or when the 60-day period is up (whichever comes first). So it's all really transparent and we like it this way.
What is the best format to submit my design in?
We accept .jpg files for the initial submission to be scored by Dottinghill. If your design is selected, we will then need you to provide us with your original vector artwork file (.ai or .eps) or your high-resolution .tif file with transparency save. Refer to the submission guide for more information.
How long will my design be scored for?
The scoring period is 120 days which we reckon will give your design plenty of time for other residents to take it all in and give it a fair score. It also gives you time to promote your design to everyone you know so that they can also join in and give you support!

If your design is really good, we can choose to select it for print way before the scoring period ends.
How do you decide which design gets printed?
First and foremost, the design needs to be well liked by the Dottinghill community so a good score will be required. Having said that, we ain't running a popularity contest so if the design is really popular but it is not suitable to be printed as a skin-accessory, we won't likely print it. The decision to print a design rests on us ultimately but your score and the comments given by the community for your design will play a huge role in our decision-making.
Do I keep the rights to my artwork if you print it?
If your design is selected for print, you are only giving us the exclusive, 5-year license to the copyright of your design for use on skin-accessories (a.k.a. temporary body tattoos). You are free to use your design in any other way or on any other mediums as long as it is not related to skin-accessories.
Can I re-submit a design if the original one did not get selected?
Unfortunately we will not accept duplicate submissions, as the scoring period is more than sufficient for your design to be in the limelight. However, if you make significant changes to your design (and we don't mean just changing the colors or placements of your artwork), we will most certainly love to present it to the Dottinghill community again for their consideration.
What happens to my design if it is not selected after the scoring period is over?
You can do whatever you like with it! However, during the scoring period, you may not reproduce, sell, or submit the design to others for any commercial purpose relating to skin-accessories (temporary body tattoos) while the design is being scored on Dottinghill.
So apparently I received an email saying that my design submission is rejected even before it is being scored. Wassup with that?
Trust us, we very rarely reject design submissions before they get a chance to be scored by the other Dottinghill residents. If we do, it will likely be due to any of the following reasons:
  • Unoriginal Artwork
  • Duplicate Design
  • Inability to print as a skin-accessory
  • Design needs more work
  • Design does not adhere to our terms and conditions
We will always give you the reason for declining your design submission in our email and we certainly hope you will consider submitting other designs to us.

Submitting your fave word, quote or phrase

Can I really give you my fave quote to print as a Dottinghill skin-accessory?
Of course! With our 'Submit Type' feature (under "Pitch In" on our navigation bar), you can provide us with any text submission for a chance to have it printed. Likewise with "Submit Design", all submissions will have to go through scoring and the popular ones may be selected. All you need to do is to key in your word(s), choose from our list of font types, prettify it by adding color, style etc and hit the Submit button.
Will I be compensated if my type submission is selected?
Another of course! If your submission is selected, we will pay you Dot$20 (equivalent to $20 for use on our website) for sharing with us your fave quote or word. Easy-peasy.

Becoming a spotter

Who is a Spotter?
If you do not have any design skills but appreciates beautiful artwork, you can very well be one of our resident Spotters. A Spotter scour the Internet for existing designs that he/she reckons will make an excellent skin-accessory and let us know via our Spotter Form. The team at Dottinghill will then contact the original artist of the spotted design to invite them to be our Creative and submit their artwork to us for Dottinghill scoring. If the spotted design is selected for print, the Spotter will receive Dot$50 for his/her awesome scouting work.
Sounds easy! What's the catch?
No catch! We didn't want to exclude any residents in our Dottinghill community and most certainly don't want the community to be made up of only skilled designers. Dottinghill wasn't started by a designer; it was started by a couple who loves looking at beautiful artwork. We wish we have the skills and talent to create our own designs but it's probably better to leave this to the pros. If you are like us, that doesn't mean that you cannot contribute and that's where being a Spotter comes in! It's your way of letting the world know your take on design!

Scoring and commenting on designs

How do I score submissions?
You will need to be a resident to score designs (Join us here!) so that we don't get a bunch of duplicate scores from the same person. Click "Score Designs" under "Pitch In" on our navigation bar and score each design on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher the score, the more you have for the design! Remember to give the Creative some encouragement and support by leaving your friendly comments as well!
I see a comment that is rude, offensive and absolutely irrelevant. Should I let you know?
Of course! While we do monitor the comments that are being posted for spam, we may miss some out so do email us at if you see something fishy.

All about your lovely skin-accessories

How long do the skin-accessories last?
At least 1 - 3 days if you applied them correctly and it depends on where you apply them as well. Skin-accessories placed on frequently used areas, like our hands, will likely fade faster. Tammy (First Resident of Dottinghill) had a skin-accessory on her ankle for 1 week before it faded so if you want yours to last as long, check out this page for tips!
How do you apply them?
Detailed instructions here but it's as easy as removing the protective layer, placing the skin-accessory faced-down on desired area (make sure your skin is dry!), wet the back of your skin-accessory, wait, remove and voila.
How do you remove them?
Rubbing alcohol or baby oil will do the trick. Using a few pieces of household tape to lift the skin-accessory off your skin will also work.
Are they waterproof?
We've bathed, showered, swam, practised Hot Yoga and played with water guns while wearing our skin-accessories so yeah, they are pretty waterproof. Just remember not to rub or scrub your skin-accessory.
Are your skin-accessories safe for application to my skin?
The safety of our skin-accessories is truly of utmost importance to us. Not only do we ensure that the printer we use to help us with the printing has tons of experience with manufacturing skin-accessories, we also ensure that they have the necessary safety certifications to show that the inks/glue/processes they use are safe.

We even go one step further by getting our own third-party laboratory to test the skin-accessories as well so yep, our skin-accessories are definitely safe for your skin. We'll be happy to show you our certifications. Just ask us for them at

You shouldn't apply the skin-accessory to sensitive skin or near the eyes though. If you are allergic to adhesive, you shouldn't be applying our skin-accessories or any other type of transfer tattoos at all.

Your residency at Dottinghill

Why should I sign up for residency?
Let's see...for a start, you get to buy the most awesome skin-accessories in the world! And then you also get to submit designs, spot designs and score designs! As if those aren't enough to fill your time on Dottinghill, you also get to check out the profiles of Creatives you admire and get inspired by their artistic creations. And yes, residency in Dottinghill is FREE unlike getting a residency in other countries. So...why shouldn't you sign up for residency?
Can I change the information on my Dottinghill account?
Absolutely! Just login and go to your account to make the changes. You have full control as to what information to show in your Dottinghill profile. The only thing you will not be able to change is your Resident ID.
What's your take on keeping the information we provide to you private?
Ah...we thought you'd never ask. Check out our privacy policy here but in a nutshell, we will never ever ever ever sell or give your information to any non-related third parties and we hate spam, edible or not.

Wholesale & Resellers

I own a really cool store and I want to be a reseller for Dottinghill. How do I do that?
Whoa! We're flattered & extremely thrilled! =) We reckon our skin-accessories will make a great addition to your retail stores. Please email us at for more details on our wholesale terms. You can also download a copy of our Wholesale Catalog here.
Can I recommend stores in my hometown that will be great for Dottinghill to be in?
Of course and please do drop us an email to We'll contact the recommended stores and say a big Thank You to you!
Where else can I buy Dottinghill skin-accessories?
If you are based in Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxemburg, it's also possible to buy our skin-accessories in your local shops and web-shops in BeNeLux. To get an address of a shop in your neighborhood or to shop in a local web-shop just send an email to Abodee at and they will get back to you as soon as possible with an address. Abodee is our distributor for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. Visit Dottinghill on their website here.

Odds and ends

Can I return the skin-accessories I bought?
Our least favorite question 'cos it breaks our hearts to know that you are thinking of returning your skin-accessories. We put in a lot of effort to bring you really cool, good quality skin-accessories but if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we want to be the first to know. Drop us an email at and we'll arrange for a full refund of the purchase.
Where can we get updates about Dottinghill?
Follow us @dottinghill on all the usual suspects of social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram & we'll update details on our new products, promotions, giveaways and sales first on these platforms. So don't miss out & come follow us!

Alternatively, join our mailing list at the bottom of the page and get our Dottinghill Post right to your inbox. Our First Resident sends this every 2 weeks or so (when she's not procrastinating) and lets you in on the latest news happening in Dottinghill.
Who started Dottinghill?
Mike (Resident Nemo) and Tammy (First Resident), a lovey-dovey couple who decided that turning 30 meant that it was time to do something crazy with their lives by stepping out of their comfort zones & taking the plunge with starting a start-up. And that's when Dots Connection was borne. Dottinghill is the first project proudly managed by Dots Connection. Read more about Dots Connection here.
Ok, your FAQ kinda sux 'cos I'm not getting my question answered. How else can I contact you?
Oops! Sorry about that! We quite like our FAQ actually but if you prefer to email us, please see here for our contact details.